Protect your loved ones with life insurance

It’s a tough one to think about, but would your partner, children or family be able to cope financially if you died? Life insurance pays a lump sum to help support the people you leave behind. It could be used to pay off the mortgage, keep up with living expenses, or contribute towards raising your children.

Anorak helps you sort out your life insurance by:

  1. Calculating how much cover you need
    Take a quick, free, online assessment to find out how much life insurance you need (if any), what kind, for how long
  2. Matching you to the most suitable policies
    Anorak scans the whole market of insurers to find the life insurance policies most suited to your needs
  3. Helping you apply, whenever you’re ready
    Apply online – or talk to one of Anorak’s in-house advisers, if you prefer

Good to know

Anorak’s advice is independent, FCA-regulated, and free.

The recommendations they make will be highly tailored to your situation.

They also have a team of advisers who you can talk to at any point, if you need help.

Ready to start?

It takes less than 5 minutes to find out how much life insurance you need…

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