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Harpenden launches Police Officer Mortgage range with Tenet

November 2nd, 2021.  Harpenden Building Society has partnered with Tenet Mortgage Solutions (TMS) to introduce a range of exclusive discount mortgage products to long serving or senior police officers, as well as those officers already retired.

Harpenden will assist TMS in serving the needs of its police officer customers, particularly those whose circumstances are complex or do not fit the standard high street lender algorithms.

The Society provides a specialist service whereby every application is individually underwritten by experienced mortgage underwriters applying a solution-driven approach.

The specially designed product range allows:

  • Mortgages to be split across two term lengths.
  • Allowing interest-only with a minimum remaining equity on completion of £150k up to 75% LTV*, including on a sale and downsize basis.
  • Discounting any voluntary pension contributions above the minimum amount from its affordability assessment.
  • There is no maximum age limit and a term up to 35 years is allowed.


For those already retired from the police force but still working, Harpenden will:

  • Consider newly self-employed applicants in related industries, who can evidence one years’ full self-employed track record and provide a projection for the following year (the Society’s standard requirement is for three years’ self-employed financial history – less will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Accept employed or self-employed income up to age 75.
  • Allow income from multiple sources in addition to earned income including pension, investment and rental.


Simon Broadley, Managing Director, Tenet Mortgage Solutions said: “As a business that focusses on serving vocations, it is important to recognise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sourcing the best mortgage for our customers. We are delighted to have teamed up with Harpenden to secure mortgage options designed with members of the police service in mind.”

“We understand this profession and recognise the unique circumstances of officers. Experience in this sector has helped us develop this bespoke mortgage offering with Harpenden. Their track record of serving communities with a likeminded approach to ours makes them the perfect partner as we look to become the vocational mortgage adviser of choice, and help individuals achieve their financial goals.”

Raj Bains, Director of Customer Operations, Harpenden Building Society commented: “Our pragmatic approach ensures mortgage applications, whatever their source, are individually assessed using common-sense and with the time needed to fully understand the customers’ unique circumstances so that solutions can be found. We aim to make the process as tailored, simple and personal as possible to ensure a customer-centric journey that helps customers fulfil their housing dreams. New product innovation and strategic partnerships are important to us and we are delighted to be partnering with Tenet to serve the police community in this way.”

Harpenden’s full product range can be viewed here.

*Max LTV Repayment – Maximum of 75% when lending into retirement – 70% when lending in retirement.

Max LTV interest-only – Maximum of 70% when lending in or into retirement


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About Tenet

Tenet Mortgage Solutions Limited is part of Tenet, one of the largest adviser groups in the UK.

Tenet is a multi-award-winning financial adviser support group, providing an extensive range of services to hundreds of appointed representative and directly authorised financial adviser firms across the UK. We have over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience, £32m net assets, significant cash reserves and three institutional shareholders (Aviva, Abrdn & Aegon).