Could your attic be home to buried treasure?

You’re probably in the minority if you don’t have at least a little clutter in your home. Perhaps you can’t bear to get rid of the kids’ old toys or haven’t got round to clearing out your schoolbooks. Most people’s lofts and garages are packed full of ‘keepsakes’ (otherwise known as junk).

But it’s not all worthless. Over the years, unwitting homeowners have uncovered some stunning finds in the depths of their cupboards and attics. For example, a rickety old box used as a TV stand by an elderly gentleman was discovered when his house was cleared out after his death. Far from being worthless tat, it turned out to be an ancient Japanese artefact worth £6.3m. Similarly, a priceless treasure trove of old rugby memorabilia was discovered languishing in the home of the great grandson of WWI veteran and rugby player Charlie Pritchard, including a shirt worn at the first ever England rugby match at Twickenham in 1910.

Think you’re insured? Think again

You may think you have adequate home insurance, but what if you have a valuable treasure awaiting discovery in the loft? Before you do your spring clean, take stock of what’s in the attic and make sure you’re covered for all your home’s contents. For assistance in finding home contents cover to suit your needs, talk to us.